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Thank you for visiting us. Though we understand it may not be for the happiest of reasons, we gurantee to help the journey go along smoother and help to uplift at this time. 

Welcome To

'A Soulful Sendoff '

Funeral Singers To Compliment Your Loved Ones Farewell.  

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About Us & Our Vision

We have been working as singers for over 10 years worldwide via and ha d gradually extended to the service of funeral singing.  Our vision for A Soulful Sendoff is rooted in celebrating the lives of those who have passed on.


We aim to provide tributes that encapsulate the essence of each individual, reflecting their unique spirit through carefully selected songs. 

We believe in the profound impact that music can have in moments of remembrance and healing. Our goal is to offer comfort to grieving families and friends by delivering performances that resonate with emotion, reverence, and authenticity.

Our vision is to serve as a guiding light during difficult times, providing a space where memories can be cherished and celebrated through the beauty of song. We aim to create an atmosphere of grace and dignity, leaving a lasting impression that honors the legacy of those we commemorate.   

Our company have been singing all over the world since 2010 in various forms with Through this, we have been asked to sing at numerous funerals and have now decided to add it to our services. ​

Our vision at Soulful Sendoffs is rooted in honoring and celebrating the lives of those who have passed on. We aim to provide a deeply personal and meaningful experience through the power of music. We strive to create touching tributes that encapsulate the essence of each individual, reflecting their unique spirit and journey through carefully selected songs and heartfelt renditions.

 We have a range of vocalists that provide entrance, leaving, and one song during the funeral.  We have a list of songs but can also try our best to sing a song of your choice, if given enough time.


Our Singers arrive before the "ceremony" and leave once the procession has departed.

Solo Singer With Backing Track 

The combination of a singer accompanied by a pianist for a funeral service offers a deeply emotive tribute.

Together, they weave a tapestry of music that honors the life and memories of your loved one in a profoundly touching way, creating a touching tribute that resonates deeply with family and friends gathered to pay their respects.

Whether through beloved hymns, soulful ballads, or specially chosen pieces that hold significance to the departed or the grieving family.

Singer & Piano 

A Soulful Sendoff - Funeral Singers in the UK
Funeral Singers in London

Funeral Choir Singers - with keys

Honor the memory of your loved ones with the rich, melodious harmonies of a Gospel Choir. This truly brings a powerful and uplifting presence to honor the life of your dearly departed.  Through faith, hope, and joy, our gospel choir offers a heartfelt tribute through soul-stirring renditions of spiritual songs and hymns.  Let our gospel choir create a profoundly moving and spiritual experience, uniting everyone in a celebration of life through the transcendent power of music.

To make things a little easier, we have a range of services that work perfectly at various points of the day. Should you not see something thats for you, we also have a bespoke service where you can tell us exactly what you want, and we make it happen. 

Our Services 

Bespoke Choir 

We have the pleasure of working alongside the winners of the Songs of Praise Gospel Choir of the year who offer various sizes and durations to suit your needs. 


With exceptional vocal talent and a deep understanding of the emotional significance of the occasion, our choir delivers heartfelt performances that resonate with reverence and uplift the hearts of all in attendance. From traditional hymns to contemporary gospel music, our bespoke choir brings a touch of authenticity and spiritual resonance to honor your loved one in a truly memorable way.

 Expect a tailored and personalized service that commemorates the life of your loved one as you and your family would want it.

Our Opera Singers offer a deeply moving experience to commemorate the life of your beloved. With a voice that carries both power and emotion, our opera singer offers a unique and poignant tribute, performing exquisite arias or songs that resonate with the occasion.                 

Whether it's classic pieces from the operatic repertoire or personalized selections that hold special meaning, our opera singer's performance honors the life and memory of your loved one in a way that touches the hearts of all present, creating a moment of poignant reflection and remembrance.

Opera Singers 

Graveside singers for a funeral provide a sense of togetherness at this sensitive time.

Singing well known gospels to encourage the party to sing along as family and friends gather to say their final farewells.               

With compassion and reverence, our singers help create a moment of solace and reflection, leaving a lasting impression of love and respect for the one who has passed.

This service is for up to 45 minutes 

Songs Of Praise ChoirbWinners 2024

Graveside Singers


 " ... everything from beginning to end was perfect. The singers were fantastic. I dont know what else to say apart from thank you. " 

Paul & Diana 

" the choir really helped to uplift the moment. Everyone spoke about you guys after. Please pass on my thank you" 

Lesley Mc Kenzie 

" Lisa was amazing. Perfect song choices and thanks for helping us with the songs. As you could hear, we do not go to church often!" 


+447949 574 956

Get in touch

We value connecting with you. Whether you have inquiries about our services, wish to discuss a personalized tribute, or simply want to share your thoughts, we're here to listen. Please feel free to reach out to us through the contact form and our team will respond promptly within 24 hours. Your comfort and peace of mind during this time are our priority.

Soulful Sendoff Logo - funeral singers in london

Once you have decided on the service we could offer, we ask for an initial20% deposit to secure your service. From there you are invited to a  consultation via Zoom or Google Meets to understand your exact requirements. We are happy to work with your designated funeral organiser or nominated family or friend.  The balance is paid within 7 days or the day before to avoid financial conversations at this time. 

How We Work 

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